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From ground to aerial photography we at Red Hawk UAV Inc offer the unique perspective. youre looking for.


A picture can be worth a thousand words.


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Red Hawk UAV utilizes the latest in UAV technology combined with our vastly experienced operators that will obtain stunning video quality that will surely impress your audience.


The stability of the camera is phenomenal, even in winds of 50 km/hr a smooth, high quality video can be obtained.


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We at Red Hawk UAV Inc have the required software that converts images into highly precise, 2D maps and 3D models. They’re customizable, timely, and compliment with a wide range of applications and software.


Common uses for these 3D Models include volumetric measurement, surface area calculation, promotional use, hazard assessment, and more.


3D Models can improve efficiency of logistics on construction sites and safety for personnel.


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360 Panoramic images offer a unique perspective that allows the end user to view the surroundings 360 degrees.


Imagine google street view, now imagine it from the air.


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Live Streaming gives the end user the ability to watch the drones perspective live in real time from we ever he or she pleases.


This can assist in directing the drone operator where to fly and point the camera.


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Orthomosaics give the end user the ability to view a high resolution image that is a combination of typically hundreds of images stitched together.


GPS coordinates can then be combined in order to use the 2D map for a wide variety of applications.


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