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Oil and Gas


A few examples of drones benefiting the oil and gas industry are:


Oil Spill and Damage Protection:


Drones are an efficient and safe means of inspections oil spills and to assist in planning safety measures.


Pipeline Inspection:


Drones are the most convenient way of inspection the hundreds of thousands of kilometers of pipeline around the world.


Flare stack Inspection:


Drones allow for a quick and cost saving means of damage inspection that may be hazardous to the operation of the flare stack.





Before construction Red Hawk UAV Inc can offer you a collection of images and video making your decision much easier when everything is still up in the air. From experience we all know it is of the up most benefit to have a visual of the work place before it begins, an aerial perspective is one of thee best ways to disclose a visual of the work place.


We at Red hawk UAV Inc have the latest in UAV technology to give you an aerial perspective with high quality images and video today, and as the project continues. We can provide you with continuing surveillance enabling you to have a ongoing visual of progress from up above. This enables you to have a full picture/video from all angles of your continual project.


We believe that such photography and video would be highly beneficial in not only estimating but also over viewing the construction on a regular basis.


The amazing quality of footage that is acquired is also great for promotional purposes as we strongly believe everything tends to look better from the sky.



Land Survey


Combing drones with complex photogrammetry software we can produce volumetric estimates. When GPS equipment is combined, volumetric calculations can be produced efficiently and safely.


Orthomosaics can be created. Orthomosaics involve a process of taking hundreds and in some cases thousands of images, stitching them together and allowing for the end user to have a extremely high resolution image.




Drones have allowed for quick inspections of large areas of forestry without having to survey the area on foot.


For promotional purposes, filming forestry equipment in action has proven to be safe utilizing a drone as there is no need for any individual to be holding a camera close to the equipment exposing themselves to possible hazards. And again, everything looks better from the sky.



Solar Panel and Wind Mill Inspection


As solar panels and wind mills continue to become critical in the creation of renewable energy, continuous inspections of solar panels and wind mills have proven to be the key feature to ensure proper maintenance. Drones allow for quick examination of the structures which greatly reduces the time and risk involved for the technician before he/she climbs the tower.






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